mercredi 27 avril 2011

montagne. chez le voisin

we're up in the mountains now.
a black lamb escaped from this farm next door
and ended up in our garden. so cute and tiny

vendredi 22 avril 2011


you can grow seeds yourself, 
it takes just a few days,
or buy grown up seeds - ready to eat.
plenty of choices and tastes

vendredi 15 avril 2011

jeudi 14 avril 2011

gerta on t'aime ! joyeux anniversaire.

happpy birthday sister,
have a good time in california !
take a look or buy marco suarez's
amazing round landscapes here

mardi 12 avril 2011

au plafond chez doursoux

doursoux has a great vintage military clothing stock
many beautiful shirts, jackets, bags, 
they have everything, they've been here forever,
and they are very friendly

mercredi 6 avril 2011

samedi 2 avril 2011

courges rôties day

pictures at sandrine pigeon's house yesterday :
my portfolio of her place for figaro madame japon here
www.neë : her beautiful design for daily life