mardi 30 juillet 2013

dimanche 28 juillet 2013

Le jour le plus attendu de l'année

the best day of the whole year every year :
the "mare nostrum" summer day.
when we all leave for the mediterranean sea.
Joakim Eskildsen's amazing Rom portraits

mardi 9 juillet 2013

"Ding Dong !! Cette semaine ça remue pour les Béliers".

Things keep moving fast for Aries,
like me, that's why it's time for you to...
check out my BRAND NEW website
(0: on line today :0)
thanks to you luc del beato

vendredi 5 juillet 2013

A Marseille un long déluge.

South of France,
a photo shoot
in a beautiful spot,
very friendly folks
pouring rain
... stressfull ...