samedi 24 novembre 2012

Foncez chez Joël, après c'est trop tard.

! Hurry up before winter !
Then Joël Thiebaud disappears
from market stands until mid january.
: for your walls :
more of my pictures
at clarisse's place here

vendredi 23 novembre 2012

samedi 17 novembre 2012

Légumes rôtis days

In the wintertime
I get obsessed with these.
you never get tired of roasted vegetables,
it's cheap, and done in 5 minutes time,
the oven does all the work.
cook slowly and gently

vendredi 16 novembre 2012

Chez Alix Lacloche, pour Be, soon.

is a funny and friendly cook,
"in my belly", her blog, here.
(0: OPENING :0)
my hero danny lyon
has a solo show, at Ofr.

mardi 13 novembre 2012

La mare aux fées à Bourron-Marlotte

a long walk in the forest is good
when someone you love just died.

Take a look at the little bureau 
we just bought in Gand for Alma here
more about very elegant
Willy van der Meeren here
(via miluccia)

dimanche 11 novembre 2012