lundi 31 octobre 2011

halloween aux states avec des enfants

a real night of Halloween with kids 
and a friendly U.S neighborhood
is a wonderful experience.
I felt I was in E.T 
we enjoyed every minute of it.

dimanche 30 octobre 2011

un fiore per te marco simoncelli

... marco simoncelli died and I'm sad ...
magic fleuriste from brussels.
deep yellow sun everywhere inside,
beautiful tiles, amazing flowers.
and on top of all this beauty there,
they write catleya with only one t 
like in "un amour de swann",
because they are so cool and perfect.

samedi 29 octobre 2011

est-ce-que c'est grave ?

a compulsive habit I have
in brocantes or garage sales :
I always look for the toys 
we used to play with as kids.
I've got loads of them.
is it bad ?

vendredi 28 octobre 2011

jeudi 20 octobre 2011

on adore nos nouvelles assiettes

!! we love our new plates !!
designed especially for us
by friendly lili scratchy
who has a new book coming soon.
lance letscher is at the slick art fair
more of his stuff here.
and for starwars maniacs like us :
cedric delsaux'great Dark Lens is
released today, xavier barral éditions

lundi 17 octobre 2011

un festival chez joël avant-hier

for the very first time yesterday 
joël thiebault himself sold me his vegetables.
It's a pleasure to chat with him about recipes.
on the other side of the road, there is an

samedi 15 octobre 2011

depuis des lustres j'ai ces trois gurus

I've had these three gurus for ages :
Steve, Karl, and Andy.
today I have 5 portraits in french ELLE.
watch the INCREDIBLE king of legoland

mardi 11 octobre 2011

lundi 10 octobre 2011

des pitayas en dessert

Twenty years ago I spent quite a while in Costa Rica,
where we used to eat a lot of these. Some of them
are spectacular - amazingly flashing pink. I bought two
for the kids today even if they cost a fortune.
They tasted wonderful.

dimanche 9 octobre 2011

un dimanche aux bungalows, à morsang

on sunny sundays, when we're lucky,
we go to my husband's family bungalows.
close to paris, a place of peace and beauty.
the seine runs at the very end of the garden
isabel marant has a cool shack as well here

mercredi 5 octobre 2011

dimanche 2 octobre 2011