mercredi 25 avril 2012

A very special day for me.

Today my beloved grandmother turns 100 !
On this picture she is 10, at a japanese ball, in 1922.
She is standing on the last row, second from left,
with two huge chrysanthemums in her hair.
The boy far right close to the window on the second row
was one of my great uncles, xavier, and one of their sisters, françoise, is sitting
on the first row, second from left. Françoise was a very blonde child 
by then so here she is wearing a big black wig.

4 commentaires:

  1. C'est beau ça me donne des frissons de lire ton grand mère adorée était née en 1912 aussi ...

  2. Happy birthday des galants frères A
    Suzette aussi née en 1912

  3. mon arrière grand mère a vécu plus de 100 ans,bon anniversaire à votre grand mère!