mardi 14 juin 2011

"super cueillette"

"super cueillette", my summer show,
is now at supernature, 12 rue de trévise, 75009 paris.
my vegetables, fruits and flowers on the walls,
excellent super healthy food in your plate !
it's delicious, just run there if you're around
also on my website here

2 commentaires:

  1. So good for your summer show. Hope you could post some pictures (couldn't see any images on the links here...)

    Hey, I finally managed to see Kaurismaki's Drifting Clouds! Loved his style and lighting/shadows. Thanks for the recommendation, Julie.


  2. hi karen ! my favorite are juha ( in black and white ) and the man without a past that you must see absolutely. the movie is extraordinary and each frame looks like a painting, it's soooo beautiful. all the pictures I'm exposing are the vegetables, fruits and flowers of the blog, so I guess you know them all !
    thanks for writing, have a good day karen, julie